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You can’t be more than what is real. You are normal. You are human. And that is ok. In fact, it’s fantastic!

Here at Wholly Unimpressive, we believe normalcy is underrated.

Normal, But Not Every Sense of the Word

The word normal has some bad connotations. For our purposes on this site normal and normalcy mean: stability in your life, family and home; non-extreme living; acting out of pure and right motives; exhibiting love and kindness to your family, neighbors and coworkers.

Normal here basically the opposite of dysfunction.


Embrace Your Normal Life

We believe if you embrace this kind of normality, you will find the joy of being human. You will be content.


For the Love of Normalcy

We believe in spreading the love of normalcy to our friends, neighbors and community.


Between Extremes

We want to live life between extremes. People are good. People are bad. Times are good. Times are bad. But that somewhere in the middle is where we spend most of our time. Let’s make it the best we can.


Home is the Training Ground

We believe home is the training ground to bring out the best in us. The home you grew up in does not have to reflect the home you are creating now.


Healthy Habits

We are habitual beings. Humanity flourishes under structure. We believe forming healthy habits lends to fully embracing our normal lives.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Celebrate Them!

We believe in celebrating the small, normal parts of life.

Would you like to celebrate with us? Yes?


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