January Reflection and Gratitude

Like I say on my Everyday Gratitude page, practicing gratitude eliminates our need to do hours of self-reflection or soul-searching. It allows us to easily look back on areas of growth in our life and discover what our themes of thankfulness are. It helps us set attainable goals and learn who we really are as a person. And it’s as simple as saying one thing you are thankful for each day.

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I got this idea from Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. In it, Ann endeavors upon writing down 1000 things she is thankful for, and she finds that it changes her entire life. After I read the book, I decided to do the same, and I’ve on and off kept up the practice. As of right now, I keep a pocket-sized gratitude journal, and I just whip it out anytime I am thankful for anything.


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So here is what I’ve learned from the past month of gratitude.

January Reflection

Overall Feelings about January

January was a good month.

General Areas of Gratitude

  • Music
  • Food
  • Nature
  • Ordinary Parts of Life
  • My Husband.

February Practicing Gratitude Goals

I would like to grow my existing friendships and put myself out there in making new friends.

Plan of action:

  • Call, text or email a friend at least once a week
  • Tell others when I’m thankful for them or something they do
  • Purposefully spend time with two new people

January Gratitude

January 31: Had a really great coffee date with the girl from church!!

January 30: Today is the first day that I’ve really felt like I can be successful as a blogger.

January 29: A girl at church asked me to get coffee on Tuesday! Yay friends.

January 28: Do you ever just think you are the funniest person in the world? I had one of those moments today.

January 27: Float On: Modest Mouse

January 26: This morning I woke up at 6:30 (I had to pee) and decided to sit in my kitchen and watch the sunrise. We have two big open windows that overlook the mountains – perfect for sun-gazing. It didn’t turn out to be a very lovely sunrise, but I enjoyed the stillness. The silence. A large tree in my back yard swayed in wind and the world woke up in the breeze.

January 25: The fog was a thick presence on my drive into work this morning. I crested a hill and looked directly at the sun. It had been reduced to that of a glowing crystal ball in the sky. I literally stopped to stare at it. I secretly love looking at the sun even though it’s totally horrible for your eyes. So, when I get the chance to gaze unabashedly, I do.

January 24: My sister texted me a three-inch message from Japan yesterday lamenting the fact that she tried to order the new Zelda game, and it is out of stock. She was genuinely distressed, which I found genuinely endearing.

January 23: Everything was cloudy on my drive home from work today, but one stream of sunlight broke through the dark and illuminated a whole section of leafless trees. They glimmered yellow with excitement. It was lovely.

January 22: Rain in my tea, rain on the metal roof, rain at night, rain in the morning. Who doesn’t love the sound of a good rain?

January 21: Sia: This Is Acting

January 20: I successfully made bran muffins from scratch today. They only taste a tiny bit too sweet. I’m proud of myself!

January 19: Purposefully stepping on a squeaky part of the floor.

January 18: My neighbors just had a new baby and she is darling.

January 17: I love when you can hear a person’s smile in their voice.

January 16: I got some extra snuggles from my husband this morning before we went to work.

January 15: I sang at church today. The girl who usually sings lost her voice the night before and asked me to take her place. I genuinely thought (and still think) that I did poorly. I had this tickle in my throat and I kept coughing. My voice cracked like ten times. It felt rough. But I had a lot of people say they loved my voice after the service. It was nice.

January 14: I woke up with a Lady Gaga feeling this morning. I had never listened to her Cheek to Cheek album with Tony Bennett, but it’s sooo good!

January 13: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing by Audrey Assad

January 12: Got to have lunch with my mom today. We shared some really great belly laughter!

January 11: I left my Nalgene at work yesterday. And while I have cups and water at my house, I always feel bereft and dehydrated without my water bottle. Today I’m thankful for reuniting with it. I took a nice long drink as soon as I got to the office. Mmm.

January 10: “Relient K is one of the best bands of any genre ever.” – my coworker Ben. I am always thankful for a fellow Relient K fan.

January 9: The intern at my job always brightens my day. While I was gone on vacation, she left me post-it notes saying she missed me. So when she walked in today, I was delighted to give her a hug after not seeing her for a few weeks!

January 8: I was super grumpy when I woke up this morning. I just wanted to disappear into my blankets. When I finally got ready to walk out the door for church, Jordan had a cup of hot tea waiting for me. Precious.

January 7: Today my husband spilled coffee all over his khakis. But the way it happened was precious. He was going to his grandmother’s house in the snow, carrying his coffee. When he got there, he was trying to kick all the snow off his shoes, so he wouldn’t get her floors wet, and he didn’t realize he was pouring coffee all over his leg. I am thankful for his thoughtfulness.

January 6: I get to leave work early today because of the snow!

January 5: Cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera.

January 4: After my two-week break, I felt refreshed. I enjoyed work today even when I spilled coffee all over my desk and had to smell it on my sweater the rest of the day.

January 3: My husband and I had a nice day all to ourselves. We watched the last two movies of The Hunger Games series and we started on The Grand Tour.

January 2: Jordan and I got home from Texas today. Roundtrip we drove 32 hours and only about 5 of those were dry. It rained the whole time. So I’m so thankful to get back safely.

January 1: Jordan and I are staying in the Mississippi town of Hattiesburg tonight. But the good part is we found an awesome Japanese place! Sushi for days!


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