January Reflection and Gratitude

Like I say on my Everyday Gratitude page, practicing gratitude eliminates our need to do hours of self-reflection or soul-searching. It allows us to easily look back on areas of growth in our life and discover what our themes of thankfulness are. It helps us set attainable goals and learn who we really are as a person. And it’s as simple as saying one thing you are thankful for each day.

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I got this idea from Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. In it, Ann endeavors upon writing down 1000 things she is thankful for, and she finds that it changes her entire life. After I read the book, I decided to do the same, and I’ve on and off kept up the practice. As of right now, I keep a pocket-sized gratitude journal, and I just whip it out anytime I am thankful for anything. Continue reading “January Reflection and Gratitude”

Practicing gratitude during the Christmas season helps reduce stress and remind us what Christmas is really about.

December Gratitude

The Christmas season can be one of great stress. The hustle and bustle of last minutes shopping. The time, energy and money it takes to prepare your home for family. Pine needles embedded in the carpet.

But an attitude of gratitude can turn stress into holiday joy. Let’s remember that Christmas is about giving, and that includes giving thanks.

So I will be posting one thing I’m thankful for each day.

This post is the second part in my Everyday Gratitude series. 

December Gratitude

December 1: Boy Scout Popcorn!!

December 2: This last week I’ve been able to get ahead on blog posts for the next couple of weeks! This means less December Stress, which I am all about! Continue reading “December Gratitude”

November Gratitude

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Practicing gratitude every day in November

Season of Thankfulness

This post is part of my Everyday Gratitude series

It’s funny that the first month of my Everyday Gratitude series should start in November. Completely unintentional, I assure you. However, it is fitting since most of you will be more in the mindset of thankfulness this month.

So let’s get to it. If you’d like to join me this month in thankfulness, comment below or subscribe to my mailing list.

Also, I got the idea of Everyday Gratitude from Ann Voskamp’s bookOne Thousand Gifts. I highly suggest this book for anyone who is going through a difficult time, especially if you’re having a hard time being thankful.

Continue reading “November Gratitude”